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Kindle & Kindle offers a variety of hair color solutions, including ombre and other specialized color techniques. Please contact us for your consultation. We use Difiaba Color with CoverMAX Formula Technology, based out of Italy.

Difiaba Color with CoverMAX Formula Technology delivers 100% gray coverage and Vibrant tones.

The formula uses coconut oil extracts, conditioning throughout the color service, leaving hair extremely soft, manageable and strong.

This benefits our clients because it has ultra-pure pigments to better lock color molecule with hair fiber ensuring complete gray coverage. Ultra-fine pigments oxidize more color for complete gray hair coverage and outstanding color vibrancy. Our handcrafted formulas contain shine boosters to increases shine and luminosity. Cream color texture allows for a perfect spread and no runny-color applications.



The privately owned, Italian hair color and care company spent generations perfecting the environmentally and ethically conscious line of professional salon quality products. DIFIABA prides their success on a strong, strategic team of professionals who guide their work with a mission to build trust, friendship, and respect with the licensed cosmetologists who use and recommend their brand. DIFIABA will never stop challenging the status quo. Exceptional products, easy-to-follow techniques, and fashion-driven collections allow stylists to work smarter, not harder in the salon. DIFIABA embodies a level of sophistication and quality that consistently draws stylists back to the collections again and again.


We specialize in Full and partial hi-lights, toning, low-lights, re-touches, ammonia free and color repair.


  • Color Re-touch – $85

  • Virgin Application – $100+


  • Color Re-touch – $50

  • Permanent Application – $85+


We are a experts in glossing. Our list is as follows:

Clear glossing for short, medium and long hair, color glossing, men’s color blending, Virgin color application for all lengths and any length color retouching.


Shades EQ is the #1 demi-permanent gloss that provides healthy-looking hair with high-shine results in only 20 minutes.

As the number one most versatile haircolor tool, Shades EQ Clear Gloss promises 100% more shine than any other product along with the ability to:


  • Short – $60

  • Medium length – $85

  • Long – $90+

Men – $50

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